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Welcome To Bachlorette Party Fun!

Bachelorette Party Ideas

There are so many bachlorette party ideas to choose from when planning your friend's party! Below I have listed some of the more popular bachlorette party planning ideas to help make your party a success:

Mild or Wild - It is first important to know if the bachelorette wants a conservative party or one that is more scandalous! Always remember when planning a bachlorette party that it is the bride-to-be's day and should not be all about the bridesmaids! I have categorized each bachlorette party idea by a thermometer reading on how "hot" or "mild" the idea is.

Financial Situation - Another important aspect of the bachlorette party is who is going to contribute to the party as well as if the girls can afford the ideas you choose for the party. It would make sense to have a weekend getaway with airfare and hotel rooms for those who have some money while those girls who may not be financially set would rather do a local party at someone's house or at a near-by restaurant bar which can be just as fun! Make sure whatever is planned is affordable for all.

Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Supplies

1) A Day At The Spa - A great idea is to take the bachelorettes to get pampered at a local Spa or one that makes a great weekend get-away. Check out our partner at SpaWish who can help you choose the best spa in the US. Spas can be a great place for relaxation before the wedding as well as a way to keep all the girls together for some great girl-talk that will build memories of a lifetime!

2) Dining Out - Take the bachlorette out to her favorite restaurant or type of food! Have some of the bride-to-be's friends get their early and decorate the table with festive bachelorette party items. A great way to keep the gals together while toasting every few minutes with some funny bachelorette roasts as well as some sentimental moments.

3) Male Dancer - If the bachlorette is a good sport, hire a professional male dancer to come and give a little pre-wedding show to the bride-to-be. Make sure to choose a male dancer who is on the level of the bachelorette since they range from mild to wild. It is also fun to have them dress up in cute police, firemen, or military outfits and strut their stuff as they remove their uniforms!

4) Bar-Hoppin - If the bachlorette likes the bar scene, it is great to have you and the girls get limos, taxis, or have sober drivers and go to the favorite bar of choice! Dress the bachelorette up in fun garb with a veil, flashing ring, etc. If you are in an area that has multiple bars, go bar hopping and let loose with the girls! It is also great to go with a theme, dressing up in all black with the bride in white. Just make sure not to get the bachlorette too drunk since you want her remembering the evening!

5) Home Party - One of the best ways to have a great party that is economical is to have the bachlorette and her friends go to one of the bridesmaid's houses for the bachlorette party . There, you can decorate the house in cute bachelorette party decorations as well as play bachlorette party games with the other bridesmaids. A home party is nice since everyone is hanging together, unlike what happens at away-trips. Home parties can also be more warm and sentimental since all the girls are together and less distracted by other non-bachlorette party things.

6) Passion Party - One of the biggest crazes lately is having a passion party which is also usually at someone's house. A passion party is where a consultant comes to the house and shows some toys and items you usually would not see in a party favor bag :) There are many passion party consultants who do this nationwide.

7) Fortune Teller - Have fun by going to a fortune teller or terror card reading session with the girls. Only ask them questions that you would like to hear about and enjoy the fun finding which girls are going to have 8 kids, marry a gazillionair (or become one), and have eternal happiness! Sure for a good time at the bachlorette party!

8) Theater or Concert with the Girls - For a more planned and formal evening, plan for you and the girls go to your favorite play, sporting event or rock out to a concert of your choice. There are always many to choose from. Although they can be a little costly, check with all the girls planning to go to the bachelorette party as well as the Bachlorette herself.

9) Dance Instructor for Exotic Dance Lessons - Bring in a professional that can teach the girls how to dance for their husbands, boyfriends or friends. Memories of a lifetime from having a class taught to the bachelorette. There are also videos that teach dance which can be shown at a house party or in a limousine while waiting to go to the next bachlorette party stop!

10) Cruzin Gettaway - Nothing is more fun than all going on a weekend cruise to any destination.

No matter what you decide to do for the bachelorette party, just remember to check with the Bride-to-Be first as well as getting feedback from some of the other girls so most are happy with what is planned. Expense and how conservative that bachelorette party will be are other aspects to take into consideration prior to the event planning. I hope you have a great time and that my bachlorette party ideas are helpful.

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