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Welcome To Bachlorette Party Fun!

Bachlorette Party Games

The first step is planning the bachlorette party and where it will be. After all the major details are completed, it is time for the icing on the cake = bachlorette party games. I have to say that bachlorette party games can add so much to a party since it is one of the major times during the bachlorette party that girls are actively together and having a great time! There are so many bachlorette party games to choose from so I have made a list of the most popular bachlorette party games that are played today.

Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Supplies

Mild or Wild: It is important to plan the party around the Bride-To-Be's personality. Is she more conservative or does she like to let loose. Either way, I have listed games below that will fit her personality and all the bridesmaids will have a great time:

1) Bachlorette Scavenger Hunt - One of the most popular bachlorette party games is the scavenger hunt where a list of questions (dares) is given to the bachelorette in a checklist format. The Bachlorette (with help from her friends) have to go and complete each one of the dares. A couple examples are:

  • Get a guy to buy you a drink

  • Find a guy who will give you his underwear

  • Kiss a guy on the cheek with the same name as your Groom-To-Be

  • Dance with the tallest guy you can find

  • Serenade a guy who is bald with a verse from your favorite song

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2) Suck for a Buck T-Shirt - Another very popular bachlorette game which consists of a creative girl to purchase a white t-shirt and stick lifesavers all over the shirt (it is easy to stick them on with a little water on one side of a lifesaver). Write in nice writing, "Suck 4 A Buck" and have guys bite them off. For the more wild bachlorette, stick them in more enticing places!

3) That Guy Game - A Bachlorette Favorite! That guy game cards have pictures of different types of cartoon men on them (i.e., the construction worker, the bald guy, the long hair rocker). Your job is to pick a card and find the guy who looks the most like the card! Points are given out for each girl who finds a match. Play in teams and you are sure to have a great time!

4) Rate the Men - It is now time to turn the tables and rate the men that walk by! You can either make up a group of 10 cards that are around 5x8 with big numbers and sayings on them like "10- You are a hottie", 9-We approve", 8-"Did I see you in a Calendar", etc. You can also get pre-printed cards at Bachelorette Party Fun, which are called Male Rating Cards. You are sure to have a lot of fun with these cards!

5) Pin the Macho on the Man - Just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" except a different part of the anatomy. This bachlorette game is also a favorite and can be created on a big poster board with cut-outs of the anatomy and tape on the other side of the cut-outs. There is also a pre-packaged one which makes the evening a lot of fun. Make sure to take lots of pictures!

6) Give the Bride Advice - Everyone get a piece of paper or use cute -memo paper. All the bridesmaids and friends should write some advice for the bachelorette to read out load. It is fun to place an embarrassing memory you had with the Bachelorette and then give her advice about it. Have some creative friend make a scrapbook out of the advice sayings and present it to the bachlorette at the bridal shower or after the wedding.

7) Funniest Stories - Have the girls sit in a circle and each tell their funniest stories about the bachelorette. Everyone will have one and it is a great game to play at the beginning of the trip so everyone can get to know each other if they don't already.

8) Napkin Trivia Game - A great bachelorette party game to play when out on the town. The napkin trivia game comes with 25 napkins with different questions for everyone to answer about the Bachlorette. A really fun ice-breaker and great game to play when out of town or at dinner/bars.

9) Pop for a Dare Game - This 10-Pack of colorful bachlorette balloons has 10 outrageous dares to place into each balloon before inflation and is a popular bachelorette party game! Fun dares like "Flash me your buns", "Let's do a body shot", and "Spank em or not!" are some of the great dares placed inside each balloon for the bachelorette to pop!

10) The Peter Races - Get some of the inexpensive wind up Peter-Racers where you and the girls place them each in a row after being wound up. Make another link 6-7 inches away and see which peter racer wins! Give a shot to the girl who wins or have her choose should drink a shot. A great game before going out on the town.

I hope you like these bachlorette party games listed above. There are many different types of bachlorette party games but at least these games will give you some suggestions to start your bachlorette party off right! Email me with any other games you think of and I will add them and give you credit for them.

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